Lost City
عانقت جدران مدينتنا
عطر قدومك ... وتزيّنت
مساحاته بأعذب عبارات الود والترحيب
اذا كنت واحدا من سكانها فتفضل بالدخول اليها فهي بانتظارك
و ان كنت زائرا جديدا توجه نحو مكتب التسجيل و خذ مفاتيح بيتك
لتتعرف على جيرانك و اذا حصل و ضعت في مدينتنا الجا الى مكتب الاستعلامات
نرجو لك قضاء وقت ممتع
بمنتديات LOst ciTY

Lost City

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  The Punisher للتحميل ثلاث روابط فقط

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عمدة المدينة

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The Punisher

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The Punisher is a 2005 action game which stars
the Marvel Comics anti-hero, The Punisher. After his family was
murdered by the mafia, Frank Castle devoted his life to the punishment
of those who do evil to others. Players take control of the vigilante
hero to track down criminals and make them pay for their deeds. The
game's story is a loose mixture of the 2004 film, as well as the 2000
mini-series, Welcome Back, Frank, written by Garth Ennis and pencilled
by Steve Dillon (with the title character designed to look like Dillon's
depiction of the character), wherein the Punisher has no aversion to
committing acts of extreme (if not gratuitous) violence. A mobile phone
game based on this series was also released.

Somewhat similar
to Rockstar's controversial Manhunt, gameplay in The Punisher offers a
combination of exploration, stealth, and combat. When he comes across an
enemy, who could help further the mission or one simply deserving of
punishment, the hero can attack immediately, or sneak up to perform a
one-button "quick kill". Depending on the villain, the current location,
and a player-determined level of aggression, one of the many gruesome
and fatal assaults will be performed. The game's environments also
feature interrogation "hot spots", where the vigilante can commit
violent and torturous acts on his enemies, coercing them to share
information that may help him in his quest.


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The Punisher للتحميل ثلاث روابط فقط
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