Lost City
عانقت جدران مدينتنا
عطر قدومك ... وتزيّنت
مساحاته بأعذب عبارات الود والترحيب
اذا كنت واحدا من سكانها فتفضل بالدخول اليها فهي بانتظارك
و ان كنت زائرا جديدا توجه نحو مكتب التسجيل و خذ مفاتيح بيتك
لتتعرف على جيرانك و اذا حصل و ضعت في مدينتنا الجا الى مكتب الاستعلامات
نرجو لك قضاء وقت ممتع
بمنتديات LOst ciTY

Lost City

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 لعبة القتال Mortal Kombat 5 Deadly Alliance ...

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عمدة المدينة

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لعبة القتال الرائعة
Mortal Kombat 5 Deadly Alliance

كود :

Kombat 5 Deadly Alliance (PC)

Enter the realm of Mortal Kombat!
You are a combatant in Mortal Kombat, a fight for the survival of
Earth! Choose from 15 characters, including the legendary Liu Kang and
the mighty Scorpion, each with their own special moves and fatalities.
Choose to fight in the single player campaign, complete with several
difficulties and unique endings for each character. Take on a friend in
the Multiplayer mode or see how long you can last in the Endurance mode.

Thousands of years ago, Shinnok existed as an Elder God. The Elder
Gods are the true rulers of all realms. They watch as worlds are
created and destroyed and govern the realms with untold eons of wisdom.
Shinnok, however, gave in to greed and illusions of false power through
the new realm of Earth. If he could have that realm to himself, he would
have power unmatched. To accomplish his goal, he first would have to
face the god of thunder known as Raiden, who was appointed as Earth’s
guardian by the Elder Gods themselves. Their battle for the realm of
Earth was fierce; causing the planet’s near destruction and plunging it
into centuries of darkness.

Number of Players: 1-2

Minimum System Requirements
System: Pentium-600 or equivalent

RAM: 128 MB
Hard Drive Space: 90 MB

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لعبة القتال Mortal Kombat 5 Deadly Alliance ...
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